My Top Football Gear Selection For 2016

In this post, I’ll talk about my top football equipment selection. Every football player has his own favorite gear that he uses most of the time. I’ll cover each different item for you:

My color choices are gold and white, gold and blue and gold and black. Here are the accessories I use:

#1. Gloves

Football GlovesI have separate pairs of gloves, some of them I use for practice, some of them I use solely for playing the game. Here are some types of football gloves that I use:

  • Cutters REV Pro Receiver
  • Battle Ultra-Stick Receiver Gloves
  • EliteTek RG-14
  • Under Armour Men’s Nitro
  • Men’s Nike Vapor Fly Receiver

There are many benefits of wearing gloves such as increasing the firmness of the grip, protecting the hands and fingers and increasing the player’s performance. It’s very important to know what to look for when choosing the right pair of gloves. Each type has its own purpose. You have to know the features that you want to choose the right one.

#2. Pads

The football pads are to protect yourself from getting injured. They are leg pads, knee pads and shoulder pads. You need to know your size when choosing the pads or any football protective gear. You cannot skip this step because it is essential to getting the right padding for your game. I have also included a guideline below so you can follow:

First, you need to stand up straight with your arms right at your sides. Then measure the width of your shoulder from one AC joint to the other across your back and write down the number. These are the joints between your shoulders. Once you have your number, round it up to a half-inch to determine the shoulder width size. Next, you need to find the circumference of the chest by using a measuring tape and wrap it around your chest and record this number. Make sure you put the tape under the armpits. It is also important to know your weight as well because youth sizes are determined by your weight class.

#3. Shoes

There are few different types of football shoes that I use. Make sure to check the video above to know more about them. I think one of the advantages of having the right pair of shoes is that they can help you run faster and maintain the balance on different surfaces. You can ask your coach for his recommendation on selecting the right pair of shoes.

#4. Helmets

Football HelmetsOf course you need a football helmet to play the game. The helmet is there to protect your head. When wearing a helmet, you might also need the helmet visors to give you a better view, especially under the sun. The visor gives you a greater visibility when playing at night too. When choosing the visor, you need to know the purpose you want to use it for. Some visors have 30% tint while others might just have 10%. It’s vital to know if this face mask is approved for the game before buying it.

There you have it guys, that’s what I use to play my football games. Let me know which one you use and like the most. Follow me on Twitter at @footballgear7 for more cool football gear reviews.